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"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.
The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

Project Details

    Web Applications

    Elmar Payment Portal

    Web application used at Elmar offices for customer payments
    Client : N.V. Elmar
    Category : Web Applications
    Language(s) : PHP, Javascript
    Tags : OOP, API, Ajax, OpenAM

    The Challenge

    Elmar uses a web application to register customer payments at their offices, HBK offices and CMB banks. The previous system was outdated and it was time for a change. The back end of the application was build on Java which required recompilation by a developer abroad.

    The Solution

    A new PHP based web application with a modern look and feel to reflect Elmar's new branding. This would enable ELmar's team to quickly make any changes if needed and their would be no need to recompile the application abroad.

    The Result

    A fully interactive web application which interacts with Elmar's API trough a restful web service. The application is based on different user roles with different user access levels. Most API calls are asynchronous in which the browser does not have to refresh to display the result or sent data. This enhances the level of interactivity to the user.


    Interactive 3D House

    Custom Unity3D application programmed in C#
    Client : Greg Wever
    Category : Programming
    Language(s) : C#, Javascript
    Tags : Unity3D, Blender, Architecture

    The Project

    This project was done for a friend of mine who was building his house. He needed a way to visualize the architect's design before the construction started.

    Programming and 3D imagery have long been passions of mine and this was a perfect chance to combine the two. I was already somewhat familiar with game development and knew that I needed a game engine to carry out this project.

    I chose for Unity3D because it gave me the choice to use different programming languages and it could seamlessly integrate with most 3D modeling software. The 3D models where build in Blender 3D which is an open source 3D modeling program and the programming was done in Unity using C# and A special form of Javascript to give the models interactivity.

    The client could walk around the house just like in a game and change wall colors, floor types and try different construction pieces. This was an invaluable tool for him through the construction process.


    WEB N.V.

    Drupal website for Aruba's water and electrical utility company
    Client : WEB N.V.
    Category : Websites
    Language(s) : PHP, Javascript
    Tags : Drupal, Responsive Design

    The Project

    WEB N.V. needed a new website. The company Expandeer got the project and contracted me as a developer on the project.

    We chose Drupal as a content management system because of it's flexibility and customization options.

    The end result was a fully customized Drupal website with custom templates and modules that enable the client to easily update and manage content. The client was extremely satisfied with the result.


    Scanico Animations

    3D animations for a company from Denmark
    Client : Scanico
    Category : Animations
    Software : Blender, Gimp, After Effects
    Tags : 3D animation, Food Machinery
    Website : www.scanico.com

    The Project

    For a company in Denmark called Scanico I did some 3D animations for their equipment. Scanico provides mostly freezing solutions. The example above displays an animation of their Single Stacker Freezer.



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